Strategic Environmental Services, Inc. is proud to announce that we now offer installation of vapor intrusion systems with the use of Geo-Seal and Retro-Coat technology. 

Why are Vapor Intrusion Barriers important?

Vapor intrusion occurs when there is a leakage of subsurface vapor-forming chemicals into an overlying building. These chemicals can pose significant human health risk. By applying either Retro-Coat to eliminate existing conditions, or Geo-Seal to prevent them, you can completely and easily erase any possibility of vapor-intrustion.

What's the difference between Geo-Seal and Retro-Coat technology?


The Retro-Coat™ Vapor Intrusion Coating System is a complete product line that consists of chemically resistant materials to properly protect existing structures from the threat of contaminant vapor intrusion without the need for additional concrete protection. Developed by the R&D team of Land Science®, the Retro-Coat system has been subjected to rigorous testing procedures to prove its ability to combat the most aggressive chemical vapors. The main component of the Retro-Coat system is the Retro-Coat coating which is a two part, odorless, no VOC, 100% solids coating.

Retro-Coat finishes to a high gloss, easy-to-clean surface that is impervious to vapor and moisture transmission. Available in a variety of colors, Retro-Coat can be applied on damp as well as dry concrete, concrete masonry units, tile, brick and metal. For enhanced slip resistance, a suitable aggregate can be added. In addition, other additives or materials can be utilized to achieve a desired performance or aesthetic look.


Geo-Seal® is a sub-slab vapor intrusion barrier system designed to eliminate vapor intrusion for brownfields or any type of environmentally-impaired site. Geo-Seal is a chemically-resistant material placed between the foundation of the building and the soil pad to eliminate vapor intrusion pathways and stop contaminant vapors from permeating through the slab. By deploying Geo-Seal, developers can ensure a healthy indoor environment while reducing the cost of site remediation and expediting site construction.