FAC110 contract

Strategic Environmental Services is a woman owned, disadvantaged business that has been providing environmental services throughout New England for the past several decades.  We feel very fortunate to have been awarded the MA FAC110 Contract

Category 1 for Hazardous Waste Collection and Disposal and

Category 9b UST/AST Collection & Disposal.


This contract is an excellent vehicle to obtain environmental services from SES who has already been vetted by the OSD.  Our staff of certified professionals have the talent and skill to effectively complete your task in a streamlined purchase outside of the public bid process.

Using the buying power of this contract, it will enable you to utilize a Woman Owned DBE entity to perform a variety of environmental services.

Examples under Category 1 might be:

Waste management of :

  • Drum waste at DOT facilities

  • Lab packing of materials

  • Waste consolidation of chemicals and paints

  • facilities with excess chemicals

  • Transportation and disposal of sewer grit and street sweepings

  • Bulk asbestos and pcb impacted building materials


Examples Under Category 9 might be:

  • Unexpected Tank expiration dates

  • unknown tank discovery

  • Tank failure and product  release and the Management of petroleum contaminated soil associated with the loss of that product


We are fortunate to have a diverse client base throughout the state and have found that many of our clients, like state and local municipalities, the University of Massachusetts system, and the

Mass DOT & MBTA find this contract to be very useful and effective to manage many environmental issues that arise.


We are also proud of our impeccable Health and Safety record and compliance history which is the cornerstone of our company culture.  Our value lies in our reputation within the industry, our vast experience, and how easy it is to work with our company.    As we have grown over the years, we have not lost sight of our core values and ensure that our clients find buying from SES an easy experience where an individual picks up the phone to speak with you.  We are excited to be awarded this service contract and look forward to working with you to meet your environmental needs. 

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